Offline Attribution

Measure store visits and basket spend driven by your ad campaigns 

Measure the store visit and basket spend uplift from Digital, Mobile, PPC, Social and Programmatic Campaigns.

Also measure FMCG purchases (within mainstream supermarkets) resulting from ad campaigns

Compare vendors and optimise your digital advertising in real time.

Geodata Verification 

Verify the accuracy of your Marketing Data

Onboard one of our micro-audiences into your next footfall ad campaign and we can verify a sample of the store visits for each advertising vendor so you can optimise towards the true performance

Most ad vendors will use location data to measure store visits but we can then match those visits down to basket spend and help you spot false positives or fraudulent campaigns.

Transaction analysis

Analyse spend habits of your consumers

We create a bespoke panel of consumers that shop with you then analyse their location and spend habits to determine patterns and insights that you need validating

You can analyse path to purchase, online vs offline basket sizes and competitor spend.

This solution works for physical stores as well as FMCG brands that are available in mainstream supermarkets

Rippll Solutions 

Understand your consumer journey with our powerful shopper datasets

Our Data 

We collect the most accurate, consented data in the market

We collect location and transaction data from a suite of owned and operated mobile apps. These apps carry the worlds most advanced consent management platform called Bitqueen which ensures that the consumers are aware that we are collecting the data and have tools to see the data or delete the data from our servers.

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