Online purchase attribution

Measure online purchases driven by ad exposure

We link our panel of 'open banking' users to your social or programmatic ads to show if there was an uplift in online purchases resulting from consumers exposed to the ads compared with consumers that weren't exposed.

This works even if users exposed to the ads don't click on the ad because Rippll is a cookie-less technology. This helps improve your attribution model to spot non-google conversions that are usually put in the PPC bucket.

Because it is cookie-less, it even works on post-cookie browsers where Google and Facebook attribution might not.

In-store attribution

Measure store visits from ad exposure

Rippll see both online and in-store transactions so we can measure store visits driven by social or programmatic advertising.

Simply provide us with the store locations you plan to drive consumers to and we then link our panel of users to your ads to show what drives the most store visits.

You can then optimise your advertising in real time based on store visits.

Transaction analysis

Analyse spend habits of your consumers

We create a bespoke panel of consumers that shop with you then analyse their location and spend habits to determine patterns and insights that you need validating.

You can analyse path to purchase, online vs offline basket sizes and competitor spend.

This solution works for physical stores as well as FMCG brands that are available in mainstream supermarkets

Rippll Solutions 

Measure what drives advertising conversions in-store and online

Our Data 

We collect the most accurate, consented data in the market

We collect location and transaction data from a suite of owned and operated mobile apps. These apps carry the worlds most advanced consent management platform called Bitqueen which ensures that consumers are aware that we are collecting data and have tools to see or delete the data from our servers.

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