Still feeling the St. Patrick’s day hangover? Rippll finds out which of London’s drinking hot spot’s painted the town green.

April 11, 2017

Ahhh yes that time of the year when everybody is a little bit Irish. Well, that’s the line and conveniently it just so happens that drinking is as much a part of Irish culture as it is London culture, so it comes as no surprise the popularity of St. Patrick’s Day. This year was no different as revellers of all nationalities turned out in their best Celtic attire and hilarious hats to celebrate the Emerald Isle.


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This week Rippll, using it’s 1st Party location data, has analysed London night spots, Soho, Covent Garden, Mayfair and Clapham (who knew?) to analyse the drinking habits of drinkers on the supposed biggest drinking day of the year.


Where did our users go?


Unsurprisingly, the most popular spot this St. Patrick’s day was Soho, with 40.31% of users that we analysed travelling to the infamous entertainment quarter to enjoy their night.





Clapham, ranked worst in terms of visits, with just 8.64% of drinkers heading South to celebrate. However, according to our analysis, it seems as though drinkers in Clapham were local, and preferred a somewhat more muted night out, without the worry of travelling back on the night tube.




As the chart above shows, the average distance travelled for a night out in Clapham was just over 10kms, whereas for the more trendy parts of London, it breaks the 20km mark, with Covent Garden attracting visitors from over 30km away.



When did the party start?


We all know Londoner’s like a lunch time drink, but our data shows that the party did indeed start early, with visits beginning at around Midday. They then tailed off around mid-afternoon, before peaking again at six in the afternoon.




Our graph also shows that some called it a night or got their orders at 9, although there is again a rise at 10, indicating that some wanted to keep the party going.

It would also seem that some were suffering from the considerable side-effects of alcohol the following morning, with a marked decline in visits to the same locations analysed on the night after, with a 19.12% drop off of visitors.




How long were users spending in each pub?


Drinkers on a pub crawl were spending on average 59 minutes at each venue, with users in Soho and Covent Garden spending longest in their venues, despite the plethora of options available to them.


Our most popular bar for the night, Be At One in Russell Street, had an average of 45 minutes, enough for a pint.


Read the full report here:



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