Win more rebookings with Rippll Attribution

Independent footfall attribution

Rippll are the leading independent footfall attribution company that help media agencies measure the uplift in store visits following exposure to advertising. Because we don't serve media ourselves we are able to work with and measure all parts of digital advertising and already help many Publishers and DSPs to add footfall attribution to their campaigns which helps them win more campaign rebookings.


Show agencies how many dealership visits your campaigns drive


Help agencies to see the uplift in supermarket visits that your targeting is boosting

Fast food

Win more Quick Service Restaurant brands with Rippll attribution

OTHER REtailers

Rippll can be used to measure any kind of store visit



We provide an IAB compliant tracking pixel so we can see what devices you have exposed to the ads


We cross check the exposed IDs to our data pool of location app users to find a panel of users that have seen the ad and consented to our location tracking


We check if those handsets have made store visits and report back in a daily feed or via an API integration so you can optimise and tell the agency what store visit uplift you are driving


The business model is a simple Win Win. We charge a small CPM for our basic uplift measure which you can pass on or markup when you sell into media agencies. Or you can buy fixed fee Insight Reports for agencies that are continually rebooking hence the investment in Rippll Attribution is helping you lock in repeatable revenues

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