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Rippll Privacy Policy


Rippll take your data privacy very seriously, we intend to be as transparent as possible about our data processes, what data we use and how we store it.


This is the privacy policy for Rippll Ltd and the apps published by Rippll or containing Rippll’s SDK.


What data does Rippll collect?

Rippll collect and store data on the location behavior of app our users. Rippll do not require users to supply any personal information such as name, email address etc.


Data that Rippll Collect from apps

Rippll are primarily interested in location data, we gather this data from information gathered through your phone’s handset. The reason we’re not interested in gathering personal information is that we respect your privacy and only want to analyse anonymised location data.

  • Information relating to your device: Operating system, hardware model, unique ID, browser type, wireless network and device location.

  • Information relating to how you interact with the apps that we (and our SDK partners) have published such as usage time.

From time to time our partners will require us to use 3rd party data sets for our research. This data may have been supplied through another app, and whilst it's all be opted in to we will never keep it for longer than necessary. If you are concerned that we may be using your data for research and would like to check then please see the 'how do I access my data' section below. 


How is Data used  


Rippll study anonymised location data to analyse market trends. We never add additional data points to this location so that it could be identifiable an individual user. This non identifiable  information links trends in anonymous store visits with the data collected from marketing campaigns. This data is also used to determine the behavior before and after they visit a store.


When do Rippll share data.


In order to communicate the success of marketing campaigns with brands we will occasionally share anonymised data with other parties. None of this information is identifiable to an individual named person. Rippll keep a very strict audit trail of where we have passed this information, if you have any concerns in regards how this data is being used we’d be happy to answer any questions. Contact details can be found in the ‘opt out’ section.


Your Rights.


Subject to applicable law, you may have a number of rights regarding the processing of your Data,

  • The Right to be Informed; The right to know what data of yours that we process or control;

  • The Right to Access; information about how you access the data we have relating to your device is detailed below.

  • The right to request, on legitimate grounds:

    • deletion of your PII that we process or control; or

    • restriction of processing of your PII that we process or control;

    • Correction/rectification of data that we hold

  • The right to object, on legitimate grounds, to the processing of your data by us or on our behalf;

  • The right to have your PII that we process or control transferred to another data controller, to the extent applicable;

  • Where we process your PII on the basis of your consent, the right to withdraw that consent; and

  • The right to file a complaint with a Data Protection Authority regarding the processing of your PII by us or on our behalf.

If you have any questions in regards to your rights or would like to exersise any of the rights above then please contact

How do I access my data


You can find out more about the data that we keep relating to your device by clicking on the button below. For the purposes of processing your request we will ask for a contact email address - this will deleted as soon as information request has been completed.


Opting out.


If you no longer wish us to process your data then please click on the buttong below. or the purposes of processing your request we will ask for a contact email address - this will deleted as soon as the process has been completed.


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