Rippll Case Study

Showrooming report

A leading retailer wanted to investigate the amount of showrooming happening in store. The key challenge for them was to compare both the showrooming that ended up on their website with the showrooming that ended up on the brands websites that were on show in their stores.


Measure the number of online purchases driven by store visits.


Rippll created a custom panel of consumers from it’s mobile app universe that matched the demographic the retailer was most interested in, specifically consumers that had shopped with them in the last 90 days. Rippll analysed the users online and offline  behaviour to spot showrooming visits by matching GPS data with bank transactions


The Rippll data showed that 6% of the panel made a purchase on the retailer website with 24 hours of visiting the store. They also found that 9% of the panel made a purchase on a brand website within 24 hours, from a set of brands on show in the store.

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