Our location apps

Background location data that shows store visits

We own a suite of location apps that trade data collection for useful functionality. These apps offer weather alerts, transit times and location based reminders which users value enough to opt into. We use our own consent platform to ask for the data sharing and give the users tools in the apps to see and delete the data at any time.

We also collect an Advertising ID so we can link the data to ad campaigns.

Our transaction apps

Loyalty card apps that use receipt scanning and bank transaction data

We own a suite of mobile loyalty cards apps that help small business owners to reward their customers for frequent visits. These apps use location data, receipt scanning and bank transaction data to allocate loyalty card stamps.

This data is collected under FCA regulation as well as full GDPR compliance and never leaves the Rippll servers. Insights that are created from this data are completely anonymised from the source and never linked back to any PII.

Partner apps

For new markets we have compliant partners to help us kickstart activity

If you want to use Rippll services in new or niche markets we can kick start activity by using data from our partners apps. These apps carry Bitqueen, our consent management platform ensuring that we maintain the same level of GDPR compliance and collect the same high quality consumer data.

Once we activate with a partner in a new market we can then build up our own apps in that market to fulfil repeat analysis with richer and richer data.


Our consent management platform

We built our own consent management platform called bitqueen in 2018 so that we could be ready for GDPR. Bitqueen stores the opt in consent for all our location and transaction data and gives users the option to views the data or delete the data from any of our apps.

Our data

We collect the most accurate shopper data in the market... with their consent!

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