Rippll SDK

Add Rippll's Location SDK and turn on powerful Location functionality to your Mobile App.   

Use Rippll's Location SDK plug in to turn on the most powerful Location Functionality such as GeoFencing and Location Intelligence​.
Rippll's SDK turns the anonymous location data into user profiles so you can send notifications to consumers when they are in a specific location or have visited a pattern of places that interest you.

Target Notifications to appear on user handsets when they enter a specific location such as a Shopping Centre, Store or Building. Accurate to 15 metres as standard.

Target users who have been to a specific place several times recently or segment users that visit a bunch of different places. This behavioural targeting lets you segment users based on lifestyle choices such as Business Travellers, Sports fans and Weekend Shoppers.

Extend your Geofencing option all the way down to 5cm with iBeacons in your Location. Low cost hardware that we supply and install with optional Footfall Analytics to see the path consumers take around your store.

Our Location SDK is less than 100kb and uses less than 1% battery per day. It does not interfere with your app UX in any way and has callback stubs for you to use with any Notification Supplier you choose, or you can use our built-in service.
The Rippll SDK is 100% privacy compliant with no use of PII. The SDK looks at the IDFA/AAID and the Lat Lon of the handset in order to build powerful patterns on our servers. These patterns are anonymised so we never know who the data is coming from.
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