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Become a Data Partner 

Rippll operate a Data Partner Program to help Independent App Owners get access to world class location functionality and boost user engagement without the huge costs of Data Processing that usually apply.


This gives us a large representative DataPool from which to pull anonymised Location Insights in our suite of reports in a privacy compliant way.

We have over 400 Data Partners in more than 50 cities giving us the most comprehensive view of Consumer Movements in and out of more than 100,000 points of interest.

Become a Data Partner and get FREE use of the Rippll SDK for GeoFenced Notifications & App Insights in exchange for anonymous data sharing of Handset Identifier (IDFA / AAID) and Location Data Points, both of which comply with Privacy Compliance in all markets.

  • Unlimited free geofences 

  • Control panel & APIs

  • Unlimited notifications

  • Insight reports

  • 10 FREE Beacons

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