ADVERTISING attribution

We link store visits and transactions to advertising exposure to help advertisers measure which ads drive online and in-store sales



Rippll attribution dashboard

Attribute online and in-store spend

Use our real time dashboard to measure and optimise your advertising based on the transactions it is driving

Online attribution

See online ROI for digital ads

Use Rippll to link your social and programmatic ads to our 'open banking' app user panel so we can show you the true ROI in terms of online purchases from ad exposure.

This works even if users exposed to the ads don't actually click on the ad, because Rippll is a cookie-less technology. 

Because it is cookie-less, it even works on post-cookie browsers where Google and Facebook attribution might not.

In-store attribution

Measure store visits from ad exposure

Since we see the store location for  our consumer transactions, we can link your online ads to our panel to show the uplift in store visits.

Simply let us know the locations of the stores you want to drive consumers to and we will do the rest.

We can also show the online vs offline spend for omnichannel campaigns.

Transaction analytics

Analyse all your customers transactions


We process over £6m of consumer spend in the UK and can analyse this data in many ways. We can create a bespoke dashboard for you to measure any internal or competitor stat you can imagine.

You can measure the share of online to offline, average basket compared to competitors or see the purchase path for where else consumers spend after spending in your stores.

Try our sample data dashboard below.

Data collection

Consumers download one of our suite of mobile apps that offer free functionality in exchange for location and store transaction data, all of which use our own in-house Consent Management Platform called Bitqueen which manages full GDPR compliance

Data matching

We match the consumer shopping data to marketing exposure and split the data by brands and competitors so that we can query it for powerful insights

Reporting services

We filter the data by ad campaign or analysis project requirements and deliver insights in a fully interactive dashboard with an always-on capability and new data notifications



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A selection of our clients

Automotive Case Study

A popular Automotive brand wanted to measure the uplift in Footfall to dealerships as a result of a mobile ad campaign.


The key challenge for them was to be able to analyse visits to look for signs of Test Drives.

Mediatel Newsline

"MEC has begun working with Rippll to create a standard currency for location accuracy"



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