Our geowave engine is evolving so fast that the use cases for it sometimes haven't been dreamt up yet. To inspire the next generation of app owners and watch app inventors we have seeded some apps in the market that show the power of Contextual Knowledge. Download them now or request a beta invite.


"If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses." - Henry Ford


A dynamic app folder for your mobile with the most useful apps at Home, Work and Play.

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A contextual reminders app that lets you set reminders for Shopping, Travelling and Socialising.

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A next-gen chat app that automatically updates your status from Home to Work to Shopping and even tells your freinds when you have low battery!

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Geowave is the world's most powerful Geo-Targeting service for apps. It combines historical Location Data with Behavioural Targeting algorithms to understand app user behaviour in the real world and hence offers the most precise targeting for push notifications and mobile advertising. Geowave computes app user behaviour over 1 Billion times per month and gets smarter every day!


Pushdrop is the leading UK Push Notification service for apps. Powering 15 of the top 50 news apps as well as hundreds more apps ranging from Social Networks to Games. Our Pushdrop API is used millions of times per month with high availability and the most powerful targeting capabilities in the world. Pushdrop can be integrated with Geowave our Geo-Targeting service.


Rippll is an app technology company based in London providing services to hundreds of app owners around the world. We specialise in geo-targeting and push notifications and have built algorithms that can deduce the context of a user based on the signals we see from the apps they use. Ask us anything about Location or PUSH below!

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