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Geowave is the Behavioural Location Engine that knows
where consumers interact with apps most often.
This adds contextual knowledge to user interactions
such as Home, Work or Play, with stunning accuracy.

A super simple SDK to unlock the full potential of apps.



Geowave will show you where your app users are engaging most with your app. Where they install it, use it and where they are when they open push notifications. See where they live, work and play to inform your whole app strategy.

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Geowave lets you advertise your app to other app users who display specific location based behaviour. This means we can target Sports Fans, Weekend Shoppers, Business Travellers and more with a stunning degree of accuracy.

All these great brands have used geowave for location based marketing, isn't it time you tried it out?

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Carry our Location Based Ad formats to attract high value ad campaigns that really perform.
Formats include native in stream ads and app wall install formats.

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See how app owners are successfully using Geowave to Analyse, Advertise and Monetise their apps.

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Geowave is a trading name for Rippll LTD. Our mission is help app owners increase app installs and advertising revenues through the use of proprietary location based technologies.

Our offices are based at 64 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3QR, UK.