Behavioural geo-targeting
for apps

Geowave learns where consumers interact with apps
most often to deliver more relevant content, push
messaging and location based advertising.

Over 100 million interactions tracked and counting.



Add our SDK to your app to switch on these powerful geowave features.
Just a few lines of code that don't affect your app in any way, no performance impact and super simple set up.

Footprint analytics

Once the SDK is live you can start to see exactly where your users engage with your app most... at home, work or play.

Targeted Messaging

Geowave groups users into segments based on the places they go so you can send different push messages to Sports Fans and Weekend Shoppers.

iBeacon compatible

Geowave targets users down to 1m without any hardware needed, add iBeacon to the mix and thats now 1cm

Privacy compliant

Geowave uses anonymous data to identify users... fully privacy compliant.

Wearable ready

Consumers see Geowave alerts on the wrist when they are near relevant Points of Interest.

Global technology

Because Geowave is platform agnostic it works anywhere in the world, with stunning accuracy.

Powerful dashboard

The best way to see the power of Geowave is to take it for a test drive, just insert our SDK and get started with your self service control panel for free or contact us for a guest login if you want to see some sample geo-analytics in action.

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Geowave Segments for behavioural geo-targeting

Because Geowave knows where app users work, live and play you can slice and dice the data to create any segments you like.

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From content and advertising to analytics and CRM there are many great ways to use geowave in your app, here are a few we really like.

All these great brands have used geowave for location based marketing, isn't it time you tried it out?

Introducing AppsHere

Promote your app to consumers who are in the right place at the right time to make the best use of it.
If you have a popular app then monetise it effortlessly with AppsHere by Geowave.

Get in touch

Get in touch

To add the geowave SDK to your app, become an advertising partner or run a location based ad campaign just drop us a line below
or give us a call on +44 (0) 207 749 4181

Geowave is a trading name for Rippll LTD. Our mission is help app owners increase app installs and advertising revenues through the use of proprietary location based technologies.

Our offices are based at 64 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3QR, UK.