Making sense of Location Based Data

We make sense of location based data to improve Mobile Marketing and Advertising

We provide geodata verification, insights and reports that help the mobile ad industry measure and improve their location based advertising campaigns.

We also supply Brands with Store Measurement Reports to track the impact of their marketing and that of their competitors.

Brands & Agencies

Track the impact of your mobile ad campaigns by comparing the handsets you reached with the ones we saw that went in store.


Add our Footfall Reports to your Mobile Ad campaigns to show how well they work.

Programmatic / DSP

Enrich your Audience targeting with our in-store data insights to know with certainty who you are targeting.

Our GeoData

We collect GeoData from Location Based apps that use our GeoTech to target their own in house Push Messaging campaigns by Location. This means we get the very best quality 'always-on' GeoData and know exactly where people go and for how long. It's all privacy compliant and no PII is ever used.


Developers add our SDK to their apps to get Location Based Push Messaging

Data Processing

We process billions of data points from the apps in our Cloud comparing user locations to points of interest.


Our Cloud then identifies which handsets go to which places and for how long and stores the anonymous insights for reporting.


Some of the great Publishers and Brands that have used our tech.

Ad Campaign Reports

See how many consumers your mobile ad campaigns are driving in store with our powerful dashboard campaign reports. Fully interactive with live footfall data as the campaign unfolds.

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Use Cases

From Marketing & Advertising to Personalisation and CRM there is so much value in Location Based Data


Publishers use Rippll to build Valuable Audiences for Programmatic Media from basic location data.

App Owners

App Owners use Rippll to Push Message users who have been in specific locations recently.

High Street Brands

High Street Brands use Rippll to track store visits to measure the effectiveness of their Mobile Advertising.


Advertisers use Rippll to re-target Store visitors with Mobile Ads.

Online Brands

Online Brands use Rippll to personalize their home pages based on store visits.

Research Companies

Research companies use Rippll to analyse the impact of marketing on consumer behaviours in specific locations.

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